Prevention is more cost effective than the cure

Aged Care Management Australia ( ACMA ) has been engaged by a NSW based provider to assist with managing compliance. ACMA director and principal consultant Peter Vincent says his group was recently approached to provide support in maintaining compliance and mentoring facility staff.

“Following the initial contact, 4 days ago, we will have staff on site from Monday morning. This is one of our key services to clients in preventing issues of concern from escalating to formal non-compliance and sanction. We have a 100 % success rate in dealing with these types of scenario Peter said”

In these instances, the use of a recognized nurse advisory service in a preventative mode is far more beneficial and cost effective than waiting until issues escalate sanction. ACMA provide highly experienced clinical staff including nurse educators to work with facility and organizational staff to remedy issues of clinical and operational governance and ensure compliance is maintained and sustainable.

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ACMA Successfully gains Approved Provider status for new Home care provider in SA

ACMA has maintained its 100% success rate in developing and submitting applications for new providers. Our latest client in South Australia has gained approval to deliver home care and flexible care, with the application process proceeding without requests for additional information from the Department.

Our success comes from understanding the business model of the applicant, working with them to develop solid business and financial modelling, staffing structures and complete infrastructure services such as operating policies, procedures, resident and staff contracts.



Aged Care Management Australia Appointed to the national ‘Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Aged Care Service Development Assistance Panel’

Director and Principal Consultant Peter Vincent has confirmed that Aged Care Management Australia (ACMA) and their partners Hodgkison Architects and Henson Lloyd Chartered Accountants have been appointed to the national ‘Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Aged Care Service Development Assistance Panel’ for the next 3 years.

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