As Managing Director of Aged Care Management Australia (ACMA), Peter has guided the growth of the business from it's inception in 2006. Now as one of the sectors leading independent advisory services, ACMA continues to grow.  We have recently moved into a new head office , sharing with our financial partners Henson Lloyd in Adelaide. We maintain a strong commitment to WA with our National Operations Manager, Quality and IT services based in Fremantle. We have introduced a new education and training portfolio that is already proving very popular with clients. Our clinical and advisory programs have been geared to meet the challenges of the new era in aged care. Principal Consultant Peter Vincent acts as independent advisor to National Seniors Chief Advocate, Centre Alliance Senators and aged care providers nationally and is an active advisor with the Commonwealth Government’s national Rural and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Aged Care Service Development Panel (SDAP). Peter has extensive experience working with Indigenous health and aged care services in remote and very remote regions in both residential and community services.

Could Oakden Happen Again – Aged Care Industry Needs to Recognize Indicators of Non -Compliance and Risk

The shameful events that occurred at the Oakden nursing home rightly sent shock waves throughout the community.

But we are fooling ourselves if we think such appalling mistreatment of our most vulnerable isn’t happening today – or will continue to do so in the future.

The severe compliance outcomes of the Oakden aged care service – and the severity of the issues identified – not only shocked the community, but also the industry, quality and compliance agencies and governments across the country.

It exposed the risks that occur (including to human life) when the gap between governance and compliance – the pure lack of skills and knowledge at all levels of management from the board room to the ward room – goes unchecked.

Oakden is not an isolated case in failing compliance outcomes.

There have been – and will continue to be – facilities that fail to meet compliance outcomes to a far greater degree unless we recognize the failings of the accreditation monitoring system.

Currently across Australia there are 32 facilities with notices of non-compliance and five facilities issued with sanctions– this clearly demonstrates my point!

In SA, there are 11 facilities listed as non-compliant.

I have long believed that the process of compliance monitoring does not come close to identifying the risks to a client’s health and wellbeing, nor the quality of skills and knowledge of the staff who care for our elderly at governance level in sufficient numbers to meet their purpose.

Having worked in the industry for more than 40 years, I can state unequivocally that it is the failure of those private owners, Boards, CEOs and executive managers who fail to understand and question the standards of care being delivered in their name,  and the lack of governance systems in place to provide the answers, that are to blame for predicaments like which occurred at Oaken.

All too often we see the wrong people with the wrong skill sets undertaking roles that they are not trained to undertake.

It is time to set higher levels of training requirements for our care workers – Certificate 3 is not good enough, nor are the academic levels that we accept for our carers.


It is time to have more robust examination of the skills and actual clinical outcomes achieved by our registered and enrolled nurses.

Failure to do so will again be at the peril of the most vulnerable in our community.



ACMA operates as an independent nurse advisory service specializing in compliance

 Peter Vincent is a 40 year veteran of the aged care sector and in Principal Consultant of Aged Care Management Australia.  Contact 0403 949 006




Prevention is more cost effective than the cure

Aged Care Management Australia ( ACMA ) has been engaged by a NSW based provider to assist with managing compliance. ACMA director and principal consultant Peter Vincent says his group was recently approached to provide support in maintaining compliance and mentoring facility staff.

“Following the initial contact, 4 days ago, we will have staff on site from Monday morning. This is one of our key services to clients in preventing issues of concern from escalating to formal non-compliance and sanction. We have a 100 % success rate in dealing with these types of scenario Peter said”

In these instances, the use of a recognized nurse advisory service in a preventative mode is far more beneficial and cost effective than waiting until issues escalate sanction. ACMA provide highly experienced clinical staff including nurse educators to work with facility and organizational staff to remedy issues of clinical and operational governance and ensure compliance is maintained and sustainable.

For further details contact us via our web site


ACMA Successfully gains Approved Provider status for new Home care provider in SA

ACMA has maintained its 100% success rate in developing and submitting applications for new providers. Our latest client in South Australia has gained approval to deliver home care and flexible care, with the application process proceeding without requests for additional information from the Department.

Our success comes from understanding the business model of the applicant, working with them to develop solid business and financial modelling, staffing structures and complete infrastructure services such as operating policies, procedures, resident and staff contracts.


Aged Care Matters

Aged Care Management Australia appoint Fiona Duncan to key new WA role

ACMA director and principal consultant Peter Vincent welcomes the appointment of Fiona Duncan to the role of Senior Consultant Aged and Community Care services in Western Australia.

Fiona has a long and impressive background working in the community care sector in WA over the past 20 years.

ACMA have developed a strong reputation in compliance management, provision of management contracts and the establishment of new providers into the market place. With our established range of policies and procedures, governance tools and our key focus of placing the client in the best position to provide quality services, we are well placed to meet the needs of the growing WA market.

The services that will be offered to our WA clients will include;

  • Compliance management for residential and community providers
  • Establishment of new Home Care services for new providers
  • Commercial due diligence services


Aged Care Matters

ACMA finalises Compliance Issues for Aged Care provider


Aged Care Management Australia (ACMA) was approached at the beginning of July by a provider who had been sanctioned with serious risk.  ACMA put a proposal to the provider that involved addressing the issues using a team approach.  One of the biggest issues any provider with compliance issues will face is having appropriate resources to address the non-compliance and at the same time maintain the operations of the facility.

Working with the providers executive management team and facility staff, ACMA placed a team of highly skilled clinicians to work to restore clinical and operational systems.

The first steps are always to identify the root cause that lead to system failure and to review the care of specific care recipients who have been identified as being at risk. In the initial stages ACMA senior clinical and principal consultant were on site 7 days a week for 6 weeks working and mentoring with staff across all shifts, meeting with relatives and residents to listen to concerns and take feedback on progress.  The organisation was given a Time Line For Improvement ( TFI ) to address an initial 32 unmet outcomes that was quickly reduced to 24 issues on non-compliance.   Working with facility staff and with the support of residents and relatives the organisation met the TFI with a recommendation that all 44 outcomes had been returned to compliance.  With a total of 95 days on site ACMA had re-established clinical and operating systems, provided extensive training and mentoring to all staff categories, regained the confidence of the residents and relatives.   Re-accreditation for an initial period of 12 months was confirmed.


Aged Care Management Australia Appointed to the national ‘Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Aged Care Service Development Assistance Panel’

Director and Principal Consultant Peter Vincent has confirmed that Aged Care Management Australia (ACMA) and their partners Hodgkison Architects and Henson Lloyd Chartered Accountants have been appointed to the national ‘Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Aged Care Service Development Assistance Panel’ for the next 3 years.

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Aged Care Matters

Aged Care Staffing Levels

I applaud Senator Hinch for calling for amendments to the Aged Care Act to legislate for minimum staffing levels

For some time now, there have been thoughts of setting minimum staffing levels for aged care facilities. Successive Governments have resisted introducing mandatory minimum staffing for fear of industry backlash and calls for increases in subsidy rates.

But in the wake of increasing media and public scrutiny of aged care outcomes and service delivery models, is the time right for the Government to move ?

The current legislation calls for approved providers to ensure they have sufficient number of staff with the appropriate skills and knowledge to meet the needs of the care recipients. So why isn’t this enough to ensure that providers have sufficient numbers and the appropriate skills in place. And what difference will having minimum numbers of staff achieve.

This discussion has to be primarily about Skills and Knowledge and Culture. Addressing raw numbers is only part of the equation, and any move to mandate staffing must include a review of skill levels required to work in the health and aged care sector, particularly for the largest component of the labour force the personal care staff.

This is a vastly complex issue. It is not a simple allocation of fixed numbers of staff based around a fixed number of residents. This is an opportunity to discuss ‘Aged Care’ as an element of the primary health care model and consider the roles and functions of registered and enrolled nurses, the emerging roles of nurse practitioners and the legislation governing practices.

It is an opportunity to introduce a single national training curriculum for personal care staff, with minimum entry criteria and ( dare I suggest ) an apprenticeship style of training model that can capture and offer school leavers a formal career pathway.

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Aged Care Management Australia Pty Ltd ( ACMA) Moves into Victoria

Director and Principal consultant Peter Vincent has announced that ACMA has the capacity to provide services to clients in Victoria directly. With the appointment of Nick Grakini to our team in 2016, we have developed a greater capacity in the home care sector. Nick has already provided significant outcomes for our clients in NSW, NT and SA. Nick will be based in Melbourne and will have the ability to provide services to Victorian based clients.

” As we move to provide Home Care services in our own right with approved provider status, Nick will take control of our home care services portfolio in South Australia and Victoria and progressively at a national level.  We are looking forward to significant growth in the home care arena over the next 2 years.”

Nick Grakini

Senior Consultant | Community Care Advisor | Quality Management
Aged Care Management Australia


Bachelor of Health Science (Occupational Therapy)
Diploma of Management
Diploma of Human Resource Management
Tertiary studies in Human Movement and Disabilities

Auditing compliance against regulatory standards
Implementing and leading Age Care Sector reforms within services
Proposal and submission writing
Innovating business to develop and grow
Enhancement of service delivery by product strengthening
Policy development writing and implementation

Professional experience within the Aged Care Sector
Since 2003, Nick has worked in clinical, consultancy, leadership and management roles in the Aged Care Sector which include:

KA Aged Care (NSW)
Engaged to develop policies, procedures and a financial framework to enable KA Aged Care to deliver Home Care Packages

MacDonnell Regional Council (NT)
Engaged to review and develop policies and procedures for Home Care Packages provided by MacDonnell Regional Council

Lingcare Pty Ltd (SA)
Engaged to develop policies, procedures and a financial framework to enable Lingcare to deliver Home Care Packages

Aged Care Matters

Aged Care Management Australia maintains 100% Success rate in compliance management

For aged care providers who suffer sanctions and non-compliance, it is a costly and stressful period. Most providers would see little change from $750K (or more) with lost income, consultancy costs, increased staff wages and the capital expenditure required to prevent the ultimate loss of accredited status. Add to this the loss of reputation, loss of organisational skills and knowledge and senior staff, and the outcome becomes one of great significance.

Aged Care Management Australia (ACMA) have worked with many organisations to prevent non-compliance escalating to sanctions and many that have been sanctioned and there are no shortcuts, or easy fixes. Our current contract to manage sanctions with serious risk and 32 issues of non-compliance took our team 3 months (95 days to be precise) to remove serious risk, meet out time lines for improvement, regulatory requirements and recover all 44 outcomes for our client.

Through experience we have developed a unique methodology to the management of the sanction process, adopting a direct hands on approach that sees at least one of our team on site every day until compliance is regained.

A sanctioned organisation not only has to deal with the complexity of the sanction process but also has to continue to manage the day to day operations of the business, maintain an extremely high risk management process, and continue to trade profitably. The recovery process will require significant external expertise and is not limited to a single ‘nurse advisor’.

Depending on the nature of the issues leading to sanction, the range of skills required will include high level clinical and management staff, allied health, specialist risk management and media support.

We have developed an expert team of aged care managers , clinicians and allied health professionals to work with organisational staff from the CEO down to ensure that compliance is regained and sustained, that operational needs are met and that income streams are maximised at all times.