CCTV in residential aged care

Back in April of this year ACMA hosted an open forum to discuss the issues surrounding the use of CCTV in residents rooms. Over the past few months, there has been more and more evidence of residents being injured / killed , in resident to resident incidents where there is

Aged Care Forum on Staffing

Last night ACMA was pleased to sponsor and host an open forum on Aged Care Staffing.  I would like to thank Rebekha Sharkie MP Federal member for Mayo, Moira Noonan Chair of the SA Sector Australian College of Nursing, Dr Rodney JileK Principal Advisor Aged Care Advisory Services and Rob

Aged Care Staffing Ratio’s what does it realy mean

The question of having mandated fixed staffing ratios for aged care facilities was first muted by Senator Derryn Hinch back in late 2016 following the outcomes and horrific stories coming from the Oakden facility in South Australia. Since then there has been significant debate, high level analysis by the productivity

Most Frequently failed outcomes – 2000- 2019

Failed Outcomes A review of the history of compliance notices provides some interesting but not unexpected data. Of all the outcomes failed these are the most frequently found non-compliant.  The most important to note is outcome 1.6  Human resource management.  We do not focus enough resources and training, planning and

National Trends in Sanctions from 2000 through to today

National Sanctions Follow the link to see the trends in compliance and sanctions across the life of compliance monitoring. The blue line represents the national trends, while the orange line shows SA’s history. No prizes for guessing what caused the huge ( catastrophic ) shift in 2016…… Oakden  So has

Open Forum- Aged Care Staffing- Ratios V Skill Mix

    Aged Care Management Australia will be hosting the second of three forums to discuss; the issue of having fixed staff ratios or a model based on skill mix. future model for training certificate 3 staff ( bring back the apprenticeship ) The role of the Nurse Practitioner in

CCTV in Residents Rooms

      On Thursday the 11th of April ACMA sponsored and hosted an open forum on the use of CCTV in resident rooms in the residential care setting. The purpose of the evening was to debate the benefits and risks to privacy and the availability of new technology to

Open Forum to discuss the use of CCTV in Aged Care

Aged Care Management Australia is pleased to host the first of three sessions addressing the issues of safety and well being of residents in the aged care sector. The first session will address the issues of privacy and security with the use of CCTV.  ACMA  have assembled a powerful panel

CCTV in Residential Care- The Privacy Debate

CCTV in aged care bedrooms: Your privacy and rights WHAT: CCTV in aged care bedrooms: Your privacy and rights forum WHERE: University of South Australia’s Allan Scott auditorium. WHEN: Thursday, 11 April 2019 from 6pm-8pm The use of CCTVs in the bedrooms of aged care residents is becomingly increasing popular

ACMA Radio Interview

Peter Vincent was interviewed this morning on ABC radio. The audio can be played by pressing the play button below. The interview was focused on the proposed Aged Care Facility auditing process that has been highly anticipated.

Increasing demand for services supports increased capacity

With an increase in requests for our support and services ACMA has moved quickly to increase staffing and capacity to meet demands.  ACMA Director and Principal consultant Peter Vincent announced that we have appointed to very experienced registered nurses with a broad range of clinical and management experience to our

Unresolved Complaints will lead to Unannounced Visits

Working with providers to prevent sanctions is the most productive way to maintain compliance. Director and Principal consultant Peter Vincent says that too many providers are not seeing the warning signs and responding appropriately to prevent non-compliance. “The single biggest cause of unannounced visits is from unresolved complaints that escalate

ACMA Supports a better deal for aged care work force

Aged care Management Australia ( ACMA) is calling on the South Australian Premier and Health Minister to lead the way in rewriting the rules for aged care training and career pathways. In an article in today’s advertiser, ACMA is calling on the Premier to take the lead in funding for

Prevention is more cost effective than the cure

Aged Care Management Australia ( ACMA ) has been engaged by a NSW based provider to assist with managing compliance. ACMA director and principal consultant Peter Vincent says his group was recently approached to provide support in maintaining compliance and mentoring facility staff. “Following the initial contact, 4 days ago,

ACMA finalises Compliance Issues for Aged Care provider

  Aged Care Management Australia (ACMA) was approached at the beginning of July by a provider who had been sanctioned with serious risk.  ACMA put a proposal to the provider that involved addressing the issues using a team approach.  One of the biggest issues any provider with compliance issues will

Aged Care Management Australia Appointed to the national ‘Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Aged Care Service Development Assistance Panel’

Director and Principal Consultant Peter Vincent has confirmed that Aged Care Management Australia (ACMA) and their partners Hodgkison Architects and Henson Lloyd Chartered Accountants have been appointed to the national ‘Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Aged Care Service Development Assistance Panel’ for the next 3 years.

Aged Care Staffing Levels

I applaud Senator Hinch for calling for amendments to the Aged Care Act to legislate for minimum staffing levels For some time now, there have been thoughts of setting minimum staffing levels for aged care facilities. Successive Governments have resisted introducing mandatory minimum staffing for fear of industry backlash and