Aged Care Management Australia remains the preferred provider for new Approved Providers

ACMA continues to receive frequent requests for individuals and groups wishing to be come approved providers. There has been a surge in interest in gaining approval particularly in the Home Care sector. ACMA managing director Peter Vincent explains “we ( ACMA) have received calls from individuals and groups who want to become providers. Often we have requests for support following failed applications. Our experience has been that more than 50 percent of requests are made from groups who have not really researched or who do not have the business or financial capacity to become successful providers.” ACMA has developed a 1 day workshop where we work with the potential client to determine their level of understanding and capacity before committing to supporting the application. We have found that this is an effective way of ensuring the would be provider fully understands the responsibilities under the Act and that they have the required capacity. ACMA have a 100% success rate with clients achieving Approved Provider status when they have completed our workshop. For further details contact Fiona Duncan at

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