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Aged Care Management Australia Pty Ltd ( ACMA) Moves into Victoria

Director and Principal consultant Peter Vincent has announced that ACMA has the capacity to provide services to clients in Victoria directly. With the appointment of Nick Grakini to our team in 2016, we have developed a greater capacity in the home care sector. Nick has already provided significant outcomes for our clients in NSW, NT and SA. Nick will be based in Melbourne and will have the ability to provide services to Victorian based clients.

” As we move to provide Home Care services in our own right with approved provider status, Nick will take control of our home care services portfolio in South Australia and Victoria and progressively at a national level.  We are looking forward to significant growth in the home care arena over the next 2 years.”

Nick Grakini

Senior Consultant | Community Care Advisor | Quality Management
Aged Care Management Australia


Bachelor of Health Science (Occupational Therapy)
Diploma of Management
Diploma of Human Resource Management
Tertiary studies in Human Movement and Disabilities

Auditing compliance against regulatory standards
Implementing and leading Age Care Sector reforms within services
Proposal and submission writing
Innovating business to develop and grow
Enhancement of service delivery by product strengthening
Policy development writing and implementation

Professional experience within the Aged Care Sector
Since 2003, Nick has worked in clinical, consultancy, leadership and management roles in the Aged Care Sector which include:

KA Aged Care (NSW)
Engaged to develop policies, procedures and a financial framework to enable KA Aged Care to deliver Home Care Packages

MacDonnell Regional Council (NT)
Engaged to review and develop policies and procedures for Home Care Packages provided by MacDonnell Regional Council

Lingcare Pty Ltd (SA)
Engaged to develop policies, procedures and a financial framework to enable Lingcare to deliver Home Care Packages

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