Aged Care Compliance Data July 1st to 30th November 2019

Last week we posted that according to the Quality and Safety Commission’s data more than 25 percent of services who enter into TFI’s fail to recover them. Now we provide the data showing the most frequently failed outcomes

Aged Care Management Australia (ACMA) continue to track and analyse the most frequently failed outcomes. This helps us inform our clients on ways of developing stronger systems and documentation through risk assessment processes, education and mentoring staff. The following are the most frequently failed outcomes since July 1st through until 30th November. For further details on how we can support your organization please contact us directly at or

Top 5 Non-Compliance by criteria:

3.a Each consumer gets safe and effective personal care, clinical care, or both personal care and clinical care, that: (i) Is best practice; and (ii) tailored to their needs; and (iii) optimises their health and well-being.

3.b Effective management of high impact or high-prevalence risks associated with the care of each consumer.

7.a The workforce is planned to enable, and the number and mix of members of the workforce deployed enables, the delivery and management of safe and quality care and services.

8.c Effective organisation wide governance systems relating to the following: (i) information management (ii) continuous improvement (iii) financial governance (iv) workforce governance, including the assignment of clear responsibilities and accountabilities (v) regulatory compliance (vi) feedback and complaints.

8.e Where clinical care is provided – a clinical governance framework, including but not limited to the following: (i) antimicrobial stewardship (ii) minimising the use of restraint (iii) open disclosure is in place.

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