THis is probably the best Tesitmonial we have ever recevied

The past 7 weeks we have been working on the Central Coast NSW.  A facility that had cultural issues, and needed help in maintaining compliance. 2 weeks into the contract and the entire clinical management group left the building with a minues notice.   ACMA was asked to effectively take control

What has driven our success in maintaining compliance

I was recently asked what has driven our success in protecting compliance for our clients.  Why have we been able to recover complex issues of non-compliance and sanctions or to prevent them for occuring in the first place? The answer has several layers.   Firstly I have surrounded myself with an

Prevention is more cost effective than the cure

Aged Care Management Australia ( ACMA ) has been engaged by a NSW based provider to assist with managing compliance. ACMA director and principal consultant Peter Vincent says his group was recently approached to provide support in maintaining compliance and mentoring facility staff. “Following the initial contact, 4 days ago,

ACMA finalises Compliance Issues for Aged Care provider

  Aged Care Management Australia (ACMA) was approached at the beginning of July by a provider who had been sanctioned with serious risk.  ACMA put a proposal to the provider that involved addressing the issues using a team approach.  One of the biggest issues any provider with compliance issues will

Aged Care Management Australia Appointed to the national ‘Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Aged Care Service Development Assistance Panel’

Director and Principal Consultant Peter Vincent has confirmed that Aged Care Management Australia (ACMA) and their partners Hodgkison Architects and Henson Lloyd Chartered Accountants have been appointed to the national ‘Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Aged Care Service Development Assistance Panel’ for the next 3 years.

Aged Care Staffing Levels

I applaud Senator Hinch for calling for amendments to the Aged Care Act to legislate for minimum staffing levels For some time now, there have been thoughts of setting minimum staffing levels for aged care facilities. Successive Governments have resisted introducing mandatory minimum staffing for fear of industry backlash and