We Make Good Things Happen

Aged Care Management Australia (ACMA) have been providing innovative solutions for local governments, not-for-profit and for profit providers as an aged care consultancy service since 2006. ACMA has an industry rich team of specialist’s consultants that work in partnership with residential and community service providers and in collaboration with their stakeholders to develop solutions and outcomes founded on the principles of quality and governance. ACMA has a strong history of health service planning, design, development and delivery as well as contract management and compliance. Our strong history in the sector is evident with ACMA’s principal consultant, Peter Vincent being appointed as a member in 2008 of the National Panel of Nurse Advisors and Administers. Peter maintained an active role in the Panel as an advisor to the conclusion of the Panel 2016. ACMA have had great success in addressing the governance and compliance challenges for all of our clients, and are currently engaged in the provision of contract management services to a number of organization’s across the nation.

ACMA has significant experience providing health options to rural and remote health services including Indigenous health outcomes. Peter Vincent remains the only Nurse Advisor to have been appointed to manage issues of non-compliance and sanctions in the Indigenous health arena, working with the MacDonnell Shire Council to manage sanctions imposed across two remote Indigenous communities in the Northern Territory.

ACMA offers a highly qualified management and clinical team with the skills knowledge and experience to meet the needs of our clients in a diverse range of health settings.

Privacy Statement

Aged Care Management Australia, it agents and affiliates guarantee to hold all information obtained about the client and in relation to the scope of the contract as confidential.